This year from the 8-12 July the winners of this Award participated in NCLI Conference in Orlando, Florida, and presented their papers.



INM – Colombia ANDIMET WINNER Jorge Luis Galvis Arroyave Effect of the number of fringes on the measurement of Gauge Blocks using an interference pattern
INM – Colombia ANDIMET SECOND PLACE Sergio Luis Dávila González A technical transfer workshop for strengthening SARS-CoV-2 detection
laboratories by PCR
LCM -Costa  Rica CAMET WINNER Eric Ortiz Apuy Modified Winkler Method (MWM):
Primary Method for Calibration of Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Sensors
INTI – Argentina SURAMET WINNER Brenda Tenaglia Giunta Cryogenic thermometry: performance evaluation of hand-made prototypes for metal sheath SPRT calibration at the Triple Point of Argon


Brenda Tenaglia:

“My experience with the SIM-NCSL International REGIONAL EARLY CAREER METROLOGIST PAPER COMPETITION 2023 has been very rewarding and motivating. It was a very valuable opportunity to present my research work and make it known to the metrology community. On the other hand, the exchange of words and ideas with experts in the field has led me to understand the relevance of my work beyond the laboratory, encouraging me to continue working on it. The guidelines for writing the project are very clear and simple, which has allowed me to make my article without major inconveniences. The attention received from SIM representatives and NCSLI staff has been excellent. Always attentive to our well-being and solving our concerns. I highlight notably the general organization of the conference, all according to the schedule provided to us on the first day. I consider the opportunity to attend the tutorials unique, especially for those of us who are just beginning to train in metrology. The oral presentation of my research project in English has been a great challenge, showing me that I can improve myself day by day with everything I propose. A command of the English language at a medium-high level is recommended, especially to be able to understand correctly and answer the questions of the audience. From each lecture attended I learned something new and my horizons on the topics of metrology application have broadened, showing me everything that still needs to be worked on. I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to live this unique experience and to the question: “Would you recommend it?”, my answer would immediately be: “Absolutely!”. Again, thank you SIM and NCSLI for this opportunity that filled me with knowledge, human links, and, above all, the desire to continue working in metrology.”

Jorge Luis Galvis:

“The participation in the Symposium and International Congress organized by the NCSLi was an enriching experience that allowed me to meet different companies and people dedicated to the work of metrology from different points of view, such as: quality systems, assurance of the validity of results, provision of calibration services and research. In addition, the unconditional support of the Management Group of the Inter-American Metrology System SIM, which was always present to provide assistance to the participants from the regions at the event.”

Eric Ortiz:

“Recently, I had the honor of participating as “Early Career Metrologist” in the 2023 NCSL International Workshop and Symposium in Orlando, FL. This experience has been extremely rewarding and enriching. Not only was I able to immerse myself in a technical environment related to my profession, but I also had the opportunity to share and learn from leading professionals in the field of metrology, from national institutes to practical applications in the industry. In addition, I had the opportunity to present the work done in our institution (NMI of Costa Rica) to implement a primary method for the calibration of dissolved oxygen sensors. This experience definitely allowed me to broaden my technical knowledge, strengthen my professional network, and inspired me to continue growing in the field of metrology. I invite all readers to participate in future activities and to get involved in enriching experiences like this one.”


Jorge Galvis manuscript

SergioDávila manuscript

Eric Ortiz manuscript

Tenaglia Giunta B Napán R_Manuscript