The technical activities in metrology among the members of SIM are generally discussed, and future activities are planned, through the work and interaction of members of the technical committees which, in SIM, are the Metrology Working Groups (MWGs). The MWGs are organized in parallel with the Consultative Committees of the CIPM and cover such technically diverse areas as flow and volume to ionizing radiation and to overarching topics such as legal metrology, quality, and statistics, and uncertainty. The activities of the MWGs are coordinated through the SIM Technical Committee (TC), one of two standing committees of the SIM, which is composed of:

  • the President of the TC (selected by the SIM general assembly for a period of three years, re-appointable for a maximum of two consecutive terms)
  • the Presidents of the technical Metrology Working Groups (MWGs), who are selected by the SIM Council to support SIM activities in specific technical areas and who serve variably from 2 to 4 years
  • the Sub-Regional Coordinators (elected for a period of two years, re-appointable for a maximum of two consecutive terms)


Objectives and Scope

 The mission of the TC is to promote technical cooperation among SIM members and to coordinate the activities of the technical Metrology Working Groups (MWGs) through:


  • Proposing new MWGs to the Council for approval.
  • Proposing presidents of the MWG for the Council’s approval.
  • Encouraging the development of new services in order to meet regional needs.
  • Assessing the need for comparisons within SIM and prioritizing them as needed.
  • Promoting cooperation between SIM and the BIPM in carrying out the key and supplementary comparisons as described in the CIPM MRA.
  • Overseeing SIM comparisons and taking due action to speed up any delayed activities.
  • Performing other technical activities according to the Council’s recommendations.
  • Promoting cooperation between SIM and OIML, as well as among other legal metrology organizations.
  • Preparing the Technical Committee’s annual budget and plans.
  • Working in close coordination with the Professional Development Coordinator and Project Coordinator in the coordination of SIM Activities.


Technical Metrology Working Groups (MWGs)

 MWGs consist of active members from registered NMIs/DIs of SIM, and who are experts in the relevant technical area. Each MWG meets on a schedule which most effectively meets their requirements (some meeting several times a year, others every two years) and whenever necessary. The MWGs:

  • promote the participation of all NMI members and of their DIs with technical measuring capabilities in their area;
  • record, coordinate, and ensure the proper functioning of the SIM comparisons, as well as the adequate dissemination of the results thereof;
  • review the calibration and measuring capabilities (CMC) of SIM members for submission to the JCRB through the President of the TC;
  • review the CMCs of NMIs/DIs of other regional organizations within the framework of CIPM MRA;
  • suggest and organize training activities and collaborative projects among its members.


Each MWG may establish a sub-working group to address specific issues arising in the technical field.