The Chemical Metrology Working Group in SIM, MWG 8, supports SIM and its member NMIs/DIs in reaching the obligations requirements of CIPM-MRA in the field of metrology in chemistry and biology measurements. From environmental monitoring to health care, including food quality and food safety, metrology in chemistry and biology provides the tools to guarantee the traceability and reliability of measurements results, as well as provide key support in fundamental research ranging from material science (nanotechnology) to bioscience and biotechnology; fair trade and innovation. MW8 is concerned with primary methods and reference materials for chemical measurements. Also, conduct collaborative research to attend the customer and stakeholders needs.

It coordinates the cooperation of NMI/DI within the Americas with the objective to provide their respective national measurement standards for chemical and biology measurement and guarantee the traceability of measurement results to the SI where appropriate; international recognition of national measurements standards and CMC.

The general tasks and areas of interest are:

  • MWG 8 organizes regional key and supplementary comparisons as well as pilot studies in the field of metrology in chemistry and biology and links these SIM activities to the Consultative Committee for Amount of Substance: Chemistry and Biology (CCQM) of the BIPM and to its counterparts in other Regional Metrology Organizations (RMOs);
  • MWG 8 facilitates cooperation in preparing, reviewing (Intra-RMO review process and Inter-RMO review of CMCs of other RMOs), publishing and maintaining calibration and measurement capability claims (CMCs) of member economies and Designated Institutes;
  • MWG 8 disseminates knowledge and facilitates technical cooperation among its members and partners through meetings, workshops, awareness seminars and training opportunities at various NMIs/Dis;
  • MWG 8 seeks harmonization among its members through sustainable networking.


Chair: Melina Pérez Urquiza


[email protected]

Vice-chair:  Bryan Calderón LCM/COSTA RICA

[email protected]


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Key Comparison Database (KCDB), hosted by the BIPM

International Measurement Comparisons (Appendix B) in Metrology in Chemistry

Calibration and Measurement Capabilities (CMCs; Appendix C) in Metrology in Chemistry