Electricity and Magnetism


The Metrology Working Group for Electricity and Magnetism in SIM, MWG 1, supports SIM and its member NMIs/DIs in meeting the obligations under the CIPM MRA in the field of electricity and magnetism measurements.  The MWG1 develops the discussion of technical issues related to electrical metrology. The technical areas are important to support industry and researchers. MWG1 focuses on

  • Realization of the SI units of electromagnetism
  • Quantum electrical metrology
  • DC voltage, resistance, and current
  • AC resistance, capacitance, inductance
  • AC voltage, current, power and energy; power quality
  • High voltage and current
  • Other DC and low frequency measurements, including electric charge, phase angle, current and voltage waveform
  • Electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic fields
  • Radio frequency and microwave measurements

Parts of the activities carried out in the group are;

  • Organize regional key and supplementary comparisons as well as pilot studies in the field of electricity and magnetism, and links these SIM activities to the Consultative Committee for Electricity and Magnetism (CCEM) of the CIPM and to its counterparts in other Regional Metrology Organizations (RMOs).
  • Facilitates cooperation in preparing, publishing and maintaining calibration and measurement capability claims (CMCs) of member economies and of American laboratories new to international metrology.
  • Facilitates technical cooperation among its members and guests through meetings, workshops and training opportunities at various NMIs/DIs.
  • Seeks harmonization among its members through sustainable networking.
  • Welcomes cooperation with other communities to promote and to share advanced technology.


Chair: Felipe Hernández


[email protected]



Key Comparison Database (KCDB) for Electricity and Magnetism


International Measurement Comparisons (Appendix B) in Electricity and magnetism

  • DC voltage and current

  • AC voltaje, current, power and AC/DC transfer

  • Resistance

  • Capacitance

  • Radio frequencies

  • Magnetism

  • High voltage and current


Calibration and Measurement Capabilities (CMCs; Appendix C) in Electricity and Magnetism