List of SIM current Projects:

COVID-19 related projects:

With NIST support:

Title:  UV Metrology: Evaluation of UVC Technologies for UV Radiation Disinfection

Description:  Traceable UV metrology including sources/detectors and training to support SIM NMIs and DIs on the evaluation and calibration of UVC technologies for disinfection, including for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. 


Development of basic metrology infrastructure to support medical testing equipment (ventilators)

Description: Accurate non-contact human temperature measurements

Whith PTB support: 

Title: IR Thermometry


  • Exchange and dissemination of existing experiences and knowdledge in the Latin American countries in measuring low gas flow and developing cheap low gas flow and volume standards
  • Support to the development of low cost mechanical ventilators that can be designed by national Latin American metrology institutes (NMIs) and produced by the private companies or the government.
  • Promote mutual acceptance of measurement results (specifically volume and flow measurements related to ventilators control), thereby improving equipment quality and calibration services.


 Inter-American Development Bank (IADB)

  • “Strengthening National Metrology Institutes in the Hemisphere, in support of Emerging Technologies”
    TC Document (IADB Project) – Project ended on March 2020
  • “Metrology for digital transformation to support health services in LAC and address measurement challenges associated with pandemics such as COVID -19” – Project in phase of approval for 2021


Organization of American States (OAS)

  • Advancing Metrology for Sustainable Energy Technologies and the Environment in the Western Hemisphere
  • Advancing Metrology for Energy Efficient Measurements and Compliance in Central America and the Dominican Republic

National Institute of Standard and Technology (NIST) 

  • Capacity Building and Research Exchanges

This project is temporarily suspended due to the pandemic

  • NIST GRANT:This Grant was approved for 2 years beggining the 1st July 2020. Funds will be used for different kind of activities in order to strengthen NMIs in the Americas and their cooperation through SIM, the RMO. Activities related to promote capacity building of NMIs and international recognition of their capabilities through CIPM MRA, cooperation between peer organizations as well as those which enhance QI growth and cooperation in the region will be prioritized.

German Development Fund/Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB)

  • Develop QI Service for Biodiversity and Climate Change and


  • Promoting Innovation in the Green Economy by including QI  and