Metrology for Digital Transformation – M4DT

MWG 14 — Metrology for Digital Transformation

The “Digital Transformation” Working Group of the SIM Technical Committee provides support to the other SIM Working Groups in all matters that relate to digital trasformation, laboratory automation, cloud technologies, digital certificates for metrological services, artificial intelligence, including for smart devices testing, big data processing, machine learning, metrology for IoT, and industry 4.0 projects.

In addition, members of this Working Group provide support to the national metrology institutes, and to local industries, of SIM countries, including the monthly event called the metrology for digital tranformation day, the annual conference on M4DT, training and workshops, and consultation in metrological problems that involve applications of digital transformation.

The membership currently is as follows:

Argentina                            Diego Coppa ([email protected]) – CoChair
Barbados                             Hadyn Rhynd ([email protected])
Belize                                    David Guerra ([email protected])
Bolivia                                  Erik Guevara ([email protected])
Brazil                                    Rodolfo Souza ([email protected])
Canada                                 Ryan White ([email protected])
Chile                                     Marcial Espinoza ([email protected])
Colombia                             Liz Hernandez ([email protected])
Costa Rica                           Olman Ramos ([email protected])
Ecuador                               Jonathan Cela ([email protected])
El Salvador                         José Osegueda ([email protected])
Guatemala                          Aldair Rojas ([email protected], [email protected] )
Haiti                                     Franky Zamor ([email protected])
Mexico                                 Hugo Gasca ([email protected] ) – Chair
Panama                               Alfonso Carrión ([email protected])
Paraguay                            María Lourdes Valenzuela ([email protected])
Peru                                     Rubén Gil Chacaltana ([email protected])
St Kitts & Neves                               I-Ronn Audain ([email protected] )
Trinidad & Tobago          Siew Durga ([email protected] )
Uruguay                             Romina Napoli ([email protected] )
USA                                      James Fedchak ([email protected])

The MWG-14 is structured on Task Forces as follows:

TF on Digital Calibration Certificates                    

TF on Cloud Technologies for Metrology                             

TF on Labortatory Automation                                

TF on Industry 4.0 Projects                                       

TF on Agile Methodology                                            

TF on FollowUp/Support                                           


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