Statistics and Uncertainty

MWG 13 — Statistics and Uncertainty

The “Statistics and Uncertainty” Working Group of the SIM Technical Committee provides support to the other SIM Working Groups in all matters that relate to statistical modeling, statistical data analysis, and uncertainty evaluation, including for proficiency testing, interlaboratory studies and key comparisons.

In addition, members of this Working Group provide support to the national metrology institutes, and to local industries, of SIM countries, including training and workshops, and consultation in metrological problems that involve applications of statistics and uncertainty evaluation.

The membership currently is as follows:

Antigua and Barbuda       Dianne Lalla-Rodrigues ([email protected].ag)
Argentina                            Fernando Kornbilt ([email protected])
Bolivia                                  Romer Larico ([email protected])
Brazil                                    Gabriel Sarmanho ([email protected])
Canada                                 Juris Meija ([email protected])
Colombia                             Katherin Holguin ([email protected])
Costa Rica                           Bryan Calderon ([email protected])
Ecuador                               Wilson Naula ([email protected])
El Salvador                         Jorge Medrano ([email protected])
Guyana                                Edward Melville ([email protected])
Jamaica                               Tomokie Burton ([email protected])
Mexico                                 Hugo Gasca ([email protected])
Panama                               Raul Solis ([email protected])
Paraguay                             Roque Báez ([email protected])
Peru                                     Edwin Guillen ([email protected])
Republica Dominicana    Joel Macea ([email protected])
Suriname                           Charelle Parker ([email protected])
Uruguay                              Romina Napoli ([email protected])
USA                                     Antonio Possolo ([email protected]) — Chair