There are three participation categories in SIM: Full members, Associate members, and Affiliate members.

Officially designated National Metrology Institutes (NMIs) of any country in the Americas may become a Full member. They are organized into five subregions (Noramet, Carimet, Camet, Andimet, and Suramet), SIM is comprised of metrology organizations from the countries in the Americas and benefits from a Governing Council structured by one coordinator from each subregion, a Technical Committee Chair, a Professional Development Coordinator, a Quality System Task Force Chair , and a Project Coordinator. 

Noramet     Carimet     Camet     Andimet     Suramet

A Designated Institute (DI), nominated by their full member NMI , may become an Associate member.

A list of SIM Associate members is available on:

Associate Members

Other organizations with similar or complementary interests and objectives, such as RMOs, Accreditation organizations, Standardization bodies, or other organizations involved in metrology and quality infrastructure, may become an Affiliate members.

Affiliate Members