Ionizing Radiation and Radioactivity


The Metrology Working Group for ionizing radiation and radioactivity in SIM, MWG 6, supports SIM and its member NMIs/DIs in meeting the obligations under the CIPM MRA in the field of ionizing radiation and radioactivity measurements. From environmental monitoring to health care, metrology in ionizing radiation is critical to assure safe and efficacious medical treatments, protect workers in multiple industries (including nuclear power and manufacturing), and enable radiological and nuclear security, as well as providing key support in fundamental research ranging from cosmology to biotechnology.

Members of MWG 6 provide their respective National measurement standards for radioactivity (the becquerel, Bq or s-1), neutron flux (particle fluence, Φ) and radiation dose (absorbed dose and kerma gray, Gy or J/kg). Members directly supporting radiation protection may also provide measurements and standards for radiation does equivalence, the Sievert (also in J/kg). In addition to realizing these derived SI units, members of MWG 6 also conduct basic and collaborative research in radiation and nuclear physics as a foundation to the metrology which supports a wide range of customer needs.

  • MWG 6 organizes regional key and supplementary comparisons as well as pilot studies in the field of ionizing radiation, and links these SIM activities to the Consultative Committee for Ionizing Radiation (CCRI) of the CIPM and to its counterparts in other Regional Metrology Organizations (RMOs).
  • MWG 6 facilitates cooperation in preparing, publishing and maintaining calibration and measurement capability claims (CMCs) of member economies and of American laboratories new to international metrology.
  • MWG 6 facilitates technical cooperation among its members and guests through meetings, workshops and training opportunities at various NMIs/DIs.
  • MWG 6 seeks harmonization among its members through sustainable networking.
  • MWG 6 welcomes cooperation with other communities to promote and to share advanced technology.



Chair: Lizbeth Laureano-Perez; NIST/ USA; [email protected]

Vice- chair: Raphael Galea; NRC/CANADA; [email protected]

Raphael Galea; NRC/CANADA; [email protected]


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Key Comparison Database (KCDB), hosted by the BIPM

International Measurement Comparisons (Appendix B) in Ionizing Radiation

Calibration and Measurement Capabilities (CMCs; Appendix C) in Ionizing Radiation