2023 Randall S. Caswell Award: Dr Lisa Karam

SIM members recognize and congratulate Dr. Lisa Karam for the award received in recognition of distinguished achievements in the field of Ionizing Radiation Measurements and Standards since beginning her career as a research chemist at NIST in 1983.

Some SIM member comments:

“Undoubtedly, you have been one of the pioneers in IR within the SIM Community. Today, you are setting the path that future metrologists must follow.”


Javier Arias

“Lisa has been a very active TC Deputy and she was instrumental in organizing SIM MWG operations and activities. Lisa is passionate, dedicated, and hard-working, and if Lisa is on the project – you bet it will be a success!”

Marina Gertsvolf

“Congrats on the prize received. Well done!! It has always been a pleasure to work with you!!. Your commitment to SIM has always been remarkable as well as your quality as a person always there to help in what is needed. ”

Claudia Santo