Mar 07 2024


UTC time
4:00 pm - 8:00 pm

SIM Seminar: “A look at how the SIM Quality System Task Force (QSTF) works”


Provide an instance of knowledge and exchange of information within SIM about how the QSTF works.

Targeted Audience:

SIM QSTF delegates, alternates, SIM Designated Institutes, SIM MWG 12, SIM TC/MWG representatives, SIM Council Members, and interested partners.


16:00 UTC – 16:10 UTC Welcome remarks / logistics – Elizabeth Ferreira, SIM MWG12 Chair

 16:10 UTC – 17:15 UTC Session 1: SIM QSTF

  • The Role of the SIM QSTF (as a body within SIM) – Sally Bruce, SIM QSTF Chair
    • Short overview of the CIPM MRA
    • SIM 09
  • Introduction to the QSTF Documentation – Isabelle Amen, SIM QSTF Deputy Chair

 17:15 UTC – 17:30 UTC Break

 17:30 UTC – 18:15 UTC Session 2: SIM QSTF delegates

  • The Role of the SIM QSTF Delegates – Sally Bruce, SIM QSTF Chair
    • Delegates’ profile and responsibilities
    • Delegates’ role in the review of other institute’s QMSs
  • How to prepare for the QSTF meetings and review the SIM QSTF submissions (and make effective use of the QSTF documents) – Milena Rodriguez, SIM QSTF delegate for INM, Colombia.

 18:15 UTC – 18:30 UTC Break

 18:30 UTC – 19:45 UTC Session 3: SIM QSTF submissions and presentations for DIs and NMIs

  • Preparing a QSTF QMS review package for your NMI/DI and presenting it effectively during the meeting. List of required documents and why they are necessary to the QSTF. – Fernando Kornblit, SIM QSTF delegate, INTI Argentina
  • Use of the SIM SharePoint (SIM QSTF delegate’s responsibilities) – Andrew Conn, SIM QSTF Secretary

19:45 UTC-20:00 UTC Q&A, closure – Elizabeth Ferreira, SIM MWG12 Chair


from 16:00 UTC to 20:00 UTC




English and Spanish (Simultaneous translation)


March 7, 2024

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