The Steering Council is set up and operates in accordance with the rules included in the SIM document “Rules of Order”.

The SIM Council comprises eleven (11) members.

The Steering Council shall plan and coordinate the implementation of all SIM activities.

– At least three months before the completion of the offices, the Steering Council calls for nominating candidates for: President of the Technical Committee, Professional Development Coordinator, President of the Quality Systems Task Force (QSTF), and Project Coordinator. The selection of the winning candidate is based on the CVs of the applicants.

– Establishes working groups for specific tasks.

– Approves the creation of new technical Metrology Working Groups (MGW).

– Approves the presidents for the technical working groups.

– Applies and enforces the resolutions of the General Assembly.

– Approves an annual budget for SIM activities.

– Approves an annual financial report to be subsequently submitted to the General Assembly for further approval.

–  Recommends the agreements to be signed by SIM.

– Designates members to represent SIM in conferences and meetings with other organizations, among others.

– Recommends admission and termination of members before the General Assembly.

– Reviews SIM´s proposals for their submission to potential funding agencies.