Photometry Short Course (26 – 29 April 2022)

The NIST Photometry Short Course (PSC) covers fundamentals in photometry, radiometry, and colorimetry and practical aspects of measurements of luminous flux, luminous intensity, illuminance, luminance, color temperature, and chromaticity of light sources. Participants will gain experience in the calibration of lamps, photometers, and colorimeters. The course is planned for three and a half days virtually and will consist of lectures on ten topics given by NIST scientists. The course will also feature two laboratory sessions held virtually in the NIST photometry laboratories using the 5-m photometry bench and the 2.5-m integrating sphere.

This course is intended for photometry engineers and technicians at the NMI level working with industries such as lighting, photography, and avionics; calibration and testing laboratories; instrument manufacturers; and others. Participants must have some basic knowledge and experience in photometric or radiometric measurements as well as calculus. The course is suited for those who want to learn photometry systematically in depth, in theory, and in experimental practice.

We welcome the participation of staff from SIM affiliated National Metrology Institutes and Designated Institutes. Metrologists from other Regional Metrology Organizations are also welcome. Please contact Andrew Conn ([email protected]) and Magdalena Navarro ([email protected]) with any questions.

Visit the following link to register: