Metrology for Digital Transformation SIM Conference 2021

September 1st and 2nd

organized by SIM-MWG-14


Conference topics:

·         Digital SI

·         Digital Calibration Certificates

·         Artificial Intelligence

·         Cloud systems

·         Laboratory automation

·         Digital Twins


Wednesday, 1st September 2021


Time (UTC) Topic Speaker
15:00 (10’) Welcome and opening Claire Saundry,

SIM Chair

15:10 (15’) Overview of M4DT developments in the region & Key Notes Hugo,

SIM-MWG-14 Chair

15:25 (25’) The International System of Units in the process of Digital Transformation that our world is experiencing Diego Coppa, INTI Argentina


Eduin Culma, INM Colombia


Francisco Flamenco, CENAM México


Mauricio Alberini, INTI Argentina


Olman Ramos, LACOMET Costa Rica

15:50 (15’) Q&A Moderator
16:05 (20’) Data mining, Machine learning and data science: what is the interface with metrology? Werickson Rocha,


16:25 (10’) Q&A Moderator
16:35 (10’) Coffee break  
16:45 (35’) The Digital Calibration Certificate (DCC) Siegfried Hackel,

PTB Germany

17:20 (20’) DCC developments at SIM Itzel Domínguez, 

CENAM México

17:40 (15’) Q&A Moderator
17:55 (05’) Closing remarks Hugo Gasca,

SIM-MWG 14 M4DT Chair



Thursday, 2ND September 2021


Time (UTC) Topic Speaker
15:00 (05’) Welcome and opening Diego Coppa,

SIM-MWG 14 M4DT Co-chair

15:05 (20’) Unlocking digital transformation in legal metrology: what do we need? Carlos Galhardo,


15:25 (10’) Q&A Moderator
15:35 (20’) Digital transformation for customer service and process optimization in calibration laboratories


Lars Ahrendt,

Perschmann Germany

15:55 (20’) Increasing Throughput and Accuracy in Mass Metrology Through Systematic Automation Patrick Abbott,


16:15 (20’) Digitization for the pH method. Pablo Constantino and Victoria Gelabert, LATU Uruguay
16:35 (15’) Q&A Moderator
16:50 (10’) Coffee break  
17:00 (20’) Implementation of a scientific metrology cloud kernel as a byproduct of the digital twins. Hugo Gasca,

CENAM Mexico


17:20 (20’) First steps towards the development of a digital twin. Aldo García,

CENAM Mexico

17:40 (15’) Q&A Moderator
17:55 (05’) Closing remarks Diego Coppa,
SIM-MWG 14 M4DT Co-Chair


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