Remote Peer Reviews and Internal Audits – Guidance from SIM MWG-12 and QSTF members

Members from SIM’s MWG-12 (Quality Systems) and Quality System Task Force (QSTF) held a webinar-style training session exploring the topic of remote peer reviews and internal audits. The session focused on a guidance document published by the QSTF on remote assessments (peer reviews, audits, etc.) and experiences from quality experts at NRC (National Research Council – Canada) and INTI (Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Industrial) in organizing and managing remote assessments.

Resources & Agenda

The QSTF guide on remote assessments can be found here:

Please click this link to view the meeting agenda. 

Event Recordings

English and Spanish recordings are available below.

[English – recording 1 0f 2]

[English – recording 2 of 2]